Climate-Controlled Storage in Alto, GA

What type of items you place within your storage unit indicates whether you need a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Here at 365 Self Storage, located at 4175 Hwy 365 Alto, GA 30510, we have you covered when it comes to self-storage units.

Benefits A Climate-Controlled Unit Offers

Georgia has an average relative humidity of 71.1%, making it in the top 10 for humidity. Humidity sadly leads to moisture which may lead to mold, which results in damage to your valuables. And, unless you’re checking your items consistently, humidity damage is typically unnoticeable without people realizing the damages until it’s too late. For example, wine storage needs to be between 55 and 68 Fahrenheit; otherwise, high and low temperatures may ruin your expensive wine collection. One way to avoid the damages associated with humidity is to invest in a climate-controlled unit that allows for a comfortable environment for your possessions.

A climate-controlled unit makes sense when you need to store your items for an extended time. You won’t want to replace your items because of damages caused by heat and humidity. And, think of all the space you’ll save with a storage unit. If you have valuables that have been sitting around for years that you’re not using but don’t want to throw out, a storage unit is a viable solution. You’ll be able to remove the buildup and clutter of your items while opening up space to make your life easier.

Items that are most susceptible to the damage of humidity, heat, and freezing temperatures include:

  • Collectibles such as books, cards, and stamps;
  • Furniture,
  • Wine,
  • Musical instruments,
  • Clothing,
  • Electronics,
  • Artwork,
  • Photos and important documents, and
  • Appliances, including air conditioners, microwave ovens, and more.

At our storage facility, we provide you with essential amenities. We have drive-up access to make it easy for you to transfer your belongings to our storage units, ranging from 10’ x 5’ to 40’ x 14’ storage units within our secure facility. 

Call a customer support rep at (706) 778-7353 to learn more about our self-storage units.